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Customer recognition

Customer recognition is a medical application developed for the clinics to efficiently use the time and significantly improve the quality of service. It is implied to identify the patients all around the hospital in order to be more operative and effective. Computer vision maintains the ability of an app to understand from digital images or videos in order to produce numerical or symbolic information, e.g. in the form of decisions.

Hospital management software helps to determine which patient needs the doctor’s help primarily so that the patients who need urgent care receive it as soon as possible. This medical software can also improve the quality of VIP customer service and relust in profit increase.
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    Customer recognition

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How it works

The cameras installed at the reception and near the doctors’ offices shoot the faces of people and then the video is transmitted to this patient management app. The video includes the information about the patients taken from the databases. Having this application set on the phones and computers in the hospital, doctors and nurses can observe the situation in the clinic and manage their work and time. This video may include the following information:
  • a list of patients at the reception, their names;
  • the purpose of their visit;
  • time of waiting;
  • total sum of money spent at hospital during the whole period of service, etc.
This application also shows the reports that have information about how long the patient has been waiting in the line, the categories of patients (VIP, Standard, Free) according to the time of waiting, which doctor is the most requested. A notification is usually sent to the doctor’s phone if somebody is waiting for him. For the surveillance of the hospital a message is sent to every device in case a fraud is in the hospital.

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