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KeyM Planner: Dentist

KeyM Planner: Dentist is a dental app aimed to regulate and automate the work of a dental clinic. Such dental software can simplify the work of dentists and receptionists, meanwhile, bring a large profit. It gives an opportunity to make an appointment through the website or in the clinic.

This electronic registration book for dentistry keeps the records of the patients with the history of visits and the archive of snapshots. The user of this planner app, no matter if it is a patient or a dentist, receives a notification about the visit on their phone. Such dental management software as KeyM Planner: Dentist will bring benefits to all its users.

  • KeyM Planner: Dentist medical application

    KeyM Planner

    Convenient dental electronic register

    to maintain order in scheduling and

    grant comfort to its users

How it works

This dental application has a lot of advantages:
  • A large card-index with instant access;
  • Convenient search and sorting of patients;
  • Scheduling patient visits;
  • Doctor’s schedule;
  • Clinic’s schedule;
  • Optimization of doctor’s downtime;
  • Smart distribution of patients in case the doctor is sick, etc.

There is also an option to see the schedule of every dentist’s office or equipment if the patient needs to have a special operation – the patient can choose the most convenient time and reserve an office. In addition, the application KeyM Planner: Dentist has an integration with the Customer Recognition app.

KeyM Planner: Dentist

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