Partnership - Key Medical


We are highly interested in partnership. We can help millions of people receive health care services more efficiently and give a chance to thousands of clinics to expand their opportunities, increase the number of customers and enhance their business a lot more.

We encourage you to build a business together with us. It will bring you income, increase the capabilities of the clinics and bring health to people. This is a goal that we achieve. Isn’t that what you seek? To build a WIN-WIN business, a business that benefits everyone?

Requirements to partners:

  • Be purposeful
  • Always be honest with customers and partners
  • Get better every day
  • Be involved in medical and IT spheres
  • Know how to find customers and make them happy

We provide:

  • We have a product (as complete systems, and medical software for order)
  • We have technical support
  • We have an affiliate program that allows you to receive regular income from each of your customer

You only need to fill in the form below: