We care for your patients. Key medical software – your benefit of life!

Key Medical. We care for your patients.

Established workflow for better service and financial outcome of clinics.

Key Medical is one of the medical software companies that develops simple healthcare practice management software, electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) software to help doctors and medical practitioners quickly and easily check health-related information about the patients and have access to these records via electronic systems.

Utilization of such easily manageable software will give both the doctors and their patients comfort and opportunity to use it, no matter the age, knowledge or skills.

Automated tools for medical clinics created by the most inspired developers of KeyM company simplify the work of doctors and make the patient visits more convenient and pleasant. We work with many healthcare institutions to strengthen the health of their business, help control their outcomes and revenues, and unequivocally improve the quality of service.

Key Medical Software – Your benefit of life!

Customer Reviews

Less we waste more we do!

We are so busy and need to be focused on seeing patients. KeyM Planner helps me not waste my time for making an appointment. It relieves the receptionist’s life and the patients can figure on their schedule without queueing.

Mave Clinic
Dec 2017

It’s just my cup of tea!

Now we can give a sigh of relief with KeyM Planner. When the patients register for an appointment they decide on the most appropriate date and time. That really helps to avoid some clash. Moreover, this app allows me to understand the scope of work. It goes without saying this app is the best scheduling tool.

Family Clinic
Sep 2017

We are pleased to have our new system!

The patients are satisfied with our work because it has become more effective. Clients don’t have to stand in a queue. That’s really time-savings!

Your Dentist Clinic
Jun 2017

We can serve customers more efficiently!

We get all the necessary information about our patients immediately, we know their complaint beforehand. It makes our work easier without  questioning again and again.

Happy Health Clinic
Mar 2017

Centertown Orthodontics

Customer Recognition simplified the work of the receptionists

We don’t need to search for the patient health records, the data is on the screens. Now we can do more significant work.

Centertown Orthodontics
Dec 2016

Traverse Health Clinic

Understanding the purpose of the patient’s appointment

Understanding the purpose of the patient’s appointment and how serious the problem is before the patient is in the doctor’s office helps us to give necessary help in time.

Traverse Health Clinic
Aug 2016

Titan Dental Care

Satisfied with our new system

Not only the doctors, but also our patients are satisfied with our new system – the time of waiting in the line has become shorter. It helped us serve more patients and in a more organized way.

Titan Dental Care
Jun 2016

Health Center

Life in our hospital has changed

After installing Customer Recognition life in our hospital has changed. Everything is well organized, we never hurry or worried for our patients – they receive help as soon as they need it.

Health Center
Mar 2016

Your Dentist

I can’t imagine my life without this app

I’m always very busy and tend to forget things, but this planner always reminds me about patient visits.

Your Dentist
Dec 2015

Your Dentist

KeyM Planner: Dentist helped us arrange our work

Now we don’t need to call the person before the appointment and remind him about it, this app does everything for us. Besides, patients can register for an appointment for the time they want without disturbing us.

Your Dentist
Dec 2015

Tufts University

It’s a great application!

Now I have a well-scheduled working day and I can understand the amount of work for every case and manage the time I need to spend on it.

Tufts University
Nov 2015

Mint Health

This application stores everything in one place.

With KeyM Planner there is no need in a registration book or a special place for keeping all the information about the patients. This application stores everything in one place.

Mint Health
Mar 2015

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